Multilayered Trimetallocyclophanes via Transannula π-π Interactions

조회수 : 299 등록일 : 2018.05.28 09:14

일시 : 2018.05.09 17:00
소속 : 부산대학교
발표자 : 정옥상
장소 : R404

Synthesis and operation of a nano-demension 24 × 24 × 15 Å3 “left and right ball-joint-type host-guest system” via one π∙∙∙πinteraction and three NH∙∙∙O=C hydrogen-bonds along with the combined helicity are described. The system consists of unprecedented conglomerate aggregates of two distinct helical metallacyclophanes, chiral isomer (P)-[Pd3X6(L1)2]@(M)-[Pd3X6(L1)(L2)] and its enantiomer (M)-[Pd3X6(L1)2]@(P)- [Pd3X6(L1)(L2)]are described. Successive reactions afford desirable four-layered metallacyclophanes via tailor-made procedure. Synthesis and operation of a nano-demension size multilayered metallacyclophane system via one π∙∙∙π interaction along with the combined helicity are described. A synthetic strategy of generation of new molecular species utilizing a provision of nature has been reported: nano-dimensional (23(2) × 21(1) × 16(1) Å3) hetero four-layered trimetalla-cyclophanes via the proof-of-concept experiments that utilize a suitable combination of π∙∙∙π interactions between the central aromatic rings, tailor-made short/long spacer tridentate donors, and the combined helicity are constructed. The unprecedented four-layered metallacyclophane system’s behavior offers a landmark in the development of new molecular system.

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