Electrospray Mass Spectrometry of Polyoxometalates

조회수 : 199 등록일 : 2018.04.04 15:06

일시 : 2018.04.04 17:00
소속 : Beijing Institute of technology
발표자 : Jie Cao
장소 : R404
Polyoxometalates (POMs) are metal oxide cluster anions containing early transition metals in their highest oxidation states, typically MoVI, WVI, and VV. They have been studied extensively due to their interesting structural, catalytic, and redox properties, and their application in areas of catalysis, analytical chemistry, and medicine. Traditional method to analyze the structure of POMs is X-ray crystallography. However, this method has major drawbacks, for example, it can’t provide direct information on the protonation state of cluster anions; it can’t determine the precise cluster composition when structural disorder exists, it needs single crystals, etc, which can be easily solved by mass spectrometry (MS). Furthermore, MS is an ideal analytical technique to investigate the reaction mechanism by detecting the intermediates and monitoring the in-solution rearrangement of reactive precursor anions during the reaction course using time-resolved ESI-MS combined with the X-ray single-crystal analysis. In general, MS has become a powerful and well-established tool in the field of POM chemistry.
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