Intermolecular and Intergenic Interactions

조회수 : 453 등록일 : 2017.11.16 10:41

일시 : 2017.11.15 17:00
소속 : KAIST 생명과학과
발표자 : 강창원
장소 : RA204
  During my scientific career of more than 40 years, my research interests have consistently lain on interactions among components of biological systems.  Since admission to graduate studentship at US Columbia University until recent retirement from professorship at KAIST, my scientific interests have lain on 'nucleic acid-protein interactions' in gene transcription and translation, which constitute the central dogma of molecular biology. For example, my recent discovery is that release of product RNA from transcription complex precedes rather than follows or coincides with dissociation of RNA polymerase from DNA template at the end of each transcription round. Since the turn of this millennium, my additional interests lie on the human individual diversities of genome sequence, disease susceptibility and drug response. My contribution to human genetics includes discovery and characterization of the genomic polymorphisms and 'gene-gene interactions,' a.k.a. epistases, conferring risk to common diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and glaucoma, or affecting good and bad responses to medications. In this lecture, I will highlight these widespread interactions and their topology, and discuss their impact on molecular biology, disease genetics and personalized medicine.
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