Lithium Ion Battery 현재와 미래

조회수 : 450 등록일 : 2016.06.01 08:25

일시 : 2016.06.01 17:00
소속 : 한국화학연구원
발표자 : 강영구
장소 : R404
Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have led to remarkable change in consumer electronics, electric vehicles (EV), and energy storage system (ESS). Especially, EVs are considered to be one of good option to reduce the CO2 mission. However shot driving range, safety, slow recharging rate, high cost are main obstacles to overcome. Li-ion batteries which are successfully applied for potable electronics are widely applied for EVs. But, the limited energy density of Li-ion batteries should be overcome to meet are quire ment for EVs.
Next generation Li batteries such as a lithiumoxygen (Li-O2) and lithium-Sulfur(Li-S) batteries have attracted intense attention to their high theoretical specific energy density which possibly satisfies the demand for better EVs. However, to realize these post Li-ion batteries, as ubstantial improvement in stability of battery materials such as cathode, anode and electrolyte is needed. In this presentation, recent researches in KRICT on the cathode and electrolyte for Li-O2 batteries are discussed.
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