Rhodium Catalyzed C-C Bond Activation of Cyclobutanones & Organic Compounds Syntheses

조회수 : 246 등록일 : 2015.09.24 10:07

일시 : 2015.09.23 17:00
소속 : 원광대학교 바이오나노화학부
발표자 : 고혜민
장소 : R404
Bridged ring systems are widely found in natural products, and successful syntheses of them frequently feature intramolecular Diels–Alder reactions. These reactions are subclassified as either type I or type II depending on how the diene motif is tethered to the rest of the substrate (type I are tethered at the 1-position of the diene and type II at the 2-position). Although the type I reaction has been used with great success, the molecular scaffolds accessible by the type II reactions are limited by the strain inherent in the formation of an sp2 carbon at a bridgehead position. Here, we describe a complementary approach that provides access to these structures through the C–C activation of cyclobutanones and their coupling with olefins. Various alkenes have been coupled with cyclobutanones to provide a range of bridged skeletons. The ketone group of the products serves as a convenient handle for downstream functionalization.
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