Energy and Charge Transfer Dynamics in Low-Dimensional Colloidal Nanostructures

조회수 : 486 등록일 : 2015.06.01 07:55

일시 : 2015.06.04 17:00
소속 : Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University
발표자 : 손동희
장소 : K507
This presentation will discuss several photophysical properties of zero- and two-dimensional colloidal nanostructure focusing on energy and charge transfer processes. First half of the presentation will focus on transition metal-doped quantum dots, whose strong electronic coupling between exciton and d electrons of dopant ions gives rise to interesting optical and magnetic phenomena, such as strong sensitized phosphorescence and generation of hot electrons via upconversion of excitons. Structurally-correlated exciton-dopant energy transfer dynamics and the generation of highly reactive hot electrons in Mn-doped quantum dots will be discussed. The second part of the presentation will discuss the photophysical properties on single and multi-layered colloidal 2D transition metal dichalcogenide nanodiscs. Optical polarization and electrooptic properties reflecting 2D layered materials' highly anisotropic structure and the unique coupled nature of the different degrees of freedom.  
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