Gold Microshell-based 3D Suspension array for High Throughput Multiplex Analysis

조회수 : 493 등록일 : 2015.06.01 07:54

일시 : 2015.06.03 17:00
소속 : 서울대 화학과
발표자 : 정택동
장소 : R404
Manipulating ions on microfluidic chip possesses tremendous potential to create unprecedented opportunities at the interface between informational technology and biotechnology. This talk is to introduce what my group has been doing on concerning how a simple and well known polyelectrolyte can play creative roles in fetching electrochemical methods to microfluidic chip systems. A few novel chip systems on the basis of polyelectrolytic gel electrodes(PGE), including counters of blood cell and lethal bacteria based on DC impedance. Conductance across a pair of PGEs proportionally responds to the volume of micrometer scale objects that pass along the microchannel, e.g. the human blood cells and the functionalized microbeads. The same structure can lead to an efficient enrichment that makes very low concentration of proteins in human sera. In particular, gold thin shell covering the polymeric core can markedly minimize non-specific adsorption of albumin and things other than the antigens associated with the antibodies immobilized on the gold surface. Gold microshells dispersed in human blood can be easily and quickly collected within a small volume to be screened by dual detectors based on DC impedance and fluorescence on a chip. It is notable that sophisticatedly decorated gold microshells are compatible with MALDI analysis that reveals the information about unlabeled proteins captured onto the gold. A few examples of gold microshells for immunosensing serving as 3D suspension array will be presented to provide inspiration of innovative advances in chemistry as well as bioanalytical devices.
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