Nanocomposite Magnets for Future Applications

조회수 : 295 등록일 : 2015.05.26 12:55

일시 : 2015.05.26 11:00
소속 : Department of Physics, University of Texas-Arlington, USA
발표자 : J. Ping Liu
장소 : F401
Permanent magnets have been indispensible in our technology and civilization. Nanostructured magnets have great potential for future applications. However, traditional processing techniques are ill-suited for producing nanoscale magnets. Progress has been made recently by adopting novel “bottom-up” approaches to fabrication of nano-magnets. Salt-matrix annealing, severe plastic deformation and surfactant-assisted ball milling have been applied to prepare nanostructured powder particles including FePt, Sm-Co, Nd-Fe-B and Fe-Co based materials. Warm compaction and shock compaction have been used to produce bulk nano-magnets. Strong magnetic exchange coupling has been achieved in the compacted samples, making the bottom-up approaches promising for large scale production of strong magnets in the future.
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