Recent Development, Challenges, and Opportunities in Carbon Capture Technologies:

조회수 : 360 등록일 : 2015.05.14 17:09

일시 : 2015.05.19 17:00
소속 : University of Regina, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
발표자 : Paitoon (PT) Tontiwachwuthikul
장소 : RA 308
Energy is the most critical factor for the growth of any nation's economy. However, one of the current challenges is how to reduce energy use during the production and processing steps of the carbon-based energy resources (e.g. coal, gas and oil), as well as how to minimize the impact on the environment when they are utilized.  In particular, energy production from fossil fuels, the world’s most important energy sources, has become the major focus in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the application of carbon capture and storage (CCS) is considered one of the critical potential solutions to allowing carbon based fuels to continue to provide energy while greatly reducing associated emissions.
This presentation will be divided into 3 parts: (1) an overview of issues of carbon management related to the carbon-based energy industry, (2) a review of some important Canadian RD&D initiatives addressing the issues of CCS, and (3) an overview of emerging carbon capture technologies related to the carbon-based energy industry (new amine solvents, new additives, novel process integration, etc.)
This presentation will also discuss the latest research on fundamental studies on CO2 capture process technologies at the Clean Energy Technology Research Institute (previously known as the International Test Centre for CO2 Capture - ITC) at the University of Regina, Canada.  These studies include: novel amine solvents, new solvent formulations, solvent reaction and kinetics, solvent thermodynamics, column hydrodynamics, solvent stability, mass transfer with chemical reactions, and corrosion control and prevention.  The implications of these results for new CO2 capture processes to be used in the carbon based energy industry will be described; and the applications of new emerging technologies will be discussed.
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