Iridium-catalyzed Borylation of Secondary C-H bonds Directed By a Hydrosilyl Group

조회수 : 372 등록일 : 2015.05.06 11:49

일시 : 2015.05.06 17:00
소속 : POSTECH, Department of Chemistry
발표자 : 조승환
장소 : R404
Iridium-catalyzed functionalization of C‒H bonds with bis(pinacolato)diboron (B2pin2) has become a practical method for the direct formation of boronate esters. Significant progress has been made on the borylation of sp2 C−H bonds, but the borylation of sp3 C‒H bonds is less developed. Compared to the borylation of sp2 C‒H bonds, the borylation of sp3 C‒H bonds typically requires high catalyst loadings and excess of the saturated substrates. The regioselectivity of the borylation of sp3 C‒H bonds strongly favors reaction at primary C‒H bonds, making the functionalization of secondary C‒H bonds challenging.  In this seminar, I will present a series of catalytic reactions that convert secondary sp3 C-H bonds of alkyl groups to C-B bonds.  These reactions occur through metal-boryl complexes and metal-silyl complexes.  This presentation will also include information on the properties of these complexes that lead to catalytic reactions and information on the properties and reactions of the organoboron product.
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