Removal of Sr-90 from highly Na+-rich liquid nuclear waste with a layered vanadosilicate

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Datta, SJ (Datta, Shuvo Jit); Yoon, KB(Yoon, Kyung Byung) 2019.06.01

Removal of Sr-90 from highly Na+-rich liquid nuclear waste with a layered vanadosilicate

Datta, SJ (Datta, Shuvo Jit)1 ] Oleynikov, P (Oleynikov, Peter)2 ] Moon, WK (Moon, Won Kyung)1 ] Ma, YH (Ma, Yanhang)2 ] Mayoral, A (Mayoral, Alvaro)2 ] Kim, H (Kim, Hyuncheol)3 ] Dejoie, C (Dejoie, Catherine)4 ] Song, MK (Song, Mee Kyung)1 ] Terasaki, O (Terasaki, Osamu)2,5 ] Yoon, KB(Yoon, Kyung Byung)1 ]

[ 1 ] Sogang Univ, Dept Chem, Korea Ctr Artificial Photosynth, Seoul 04107, South Korea
[ 2 ] Shanghai Tech Univ, Sch Phys Sci & Technol, Shanghai 201210, Peoples R China
[ 3 ] Korea Atom Energy Res Inst, Environm Radioact Assessment Team, Daejeon 34057, South Korea
[ 4 ] European Synchrotron Radiat Facil, F-38043 Grenoble, France
[ 5 ] Stockholm Univ, Dept Mat & Environm Chem, SE-10691 Stockholm, Sweden

Capture of trace amounts (parts per trillion or ppt level) of Sr-90 from highly Na+-rich (5 M or 115 000 parts per million) liquid wastes produced from reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel rods is crucial for continuous operation of nuclear power plants. However, no sorbents have shown such abilities. We now report that a novel layered vanadosilicate, SGU-7, with the unit cell parameters of a = 23.58 A, b = 30.04 A, c = 12.31 A, b = 100.28, and space group of P12(1)/a1, can effectively capture Sr-90 from a 5 M Na+ solution containing 6.2 ppt of Sr-90. It also effectively captures 1-ppb level Ra-226 from 2 M NaCl solution, and Cs+ and Sr2+ from groundwater, demonstrating that it can be immediately used to remedy groundwater and soil contaminated with Ra-226, Sr-90, and Cs-137.

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